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Members of the National Cutting Horse Association (NCHA) travel thousands of miles annually, spending countless hours in dusty arenas and on campgrounds. Now, they can bring a little more comfort to their journey with the addition of ICEHOLE High Performance Coolers, NCHA’s newest corporate partner, to their traveling equipment. Continue Reading

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Bob Joy

He is not known for the titles he’s won, nor earnings in the NCHA. He hasn’t trained world champions or bred a horse of the year. But Bob Joy is as much of an iconic member of the association as many of his friends who wear championship buckles.

Cutters trying out Reined Cow Horse

Watch some cutters try their luck at SRCHA’s fourth annual Celebrity Cow Horse Spectacular on June 2nd.

Hold Your Ground

Where will you ride, drive, race, compete, raise foals, and grow hay in the future? Learn more about the issues and solutions from this video produced jointly by NCHA and the Equine Land Conservation Resource.

Dave McGregor – 2011 Zane Schulte Award

…and the 2011 Zane Schulte Award goes to… Dave McGregor!
Footage provided by Barbara Weber.

NCHA Medication Rules and Guidelines Webinar

Dr. Jerry Black will introduce and give a summary of the new policy, Dr. Scott Stanley will discuss the UC Davis lab and procedures and Dr. Mike Martin will discuss the event testing procedures including the actual drawing of the blood/urine in the medication stall, labeling, shipping and security protocol.

Tribute to Hes A Peptospoonful

Hes A Peptospoonful, a top sire of cutting horses, owned by longtime NCHA sponsors David and Stacie McDavid of Fort Worth, died on Wednesday, February 8, at Tin Top Stallion Station, Weatherford, Tex.

2012 NYCHA Stallion Auction: Bid Now

The 2012 NYCHA Stallion Auction has a brand new look, packed full of premiere stallions. All proceeds benefit the NYCHA. Bid now at

NCHA 2:30 #64 – NEW Super Stakes Program

NCHA News show for December 21, featuring a video explanation of the New Super Stakes Program.

Cutting Horse History featuring Red Steagall

A look back into the cutting horse past featuring Red Steagall. Join Red as he takes you through the major turning points in cutting horse history.

Dont Look Twice Bridleless

Dont Look Twice

Courtesy of Video West Productions